What to Bring


Mats available to borrow in class!

Mats available to borrow in class!

COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. Light tracksuit/shorts and T-shirt are suitable for yoga classes.

WATER. A bottle of water is recommended.

MAT. We supply mats for classes.

COMPLETED FORM. A Pre-class screening form designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist will be emailed to you on registering for a course of classes. This form provides the opportunity to note any relevant medical history or injuries so the Physiotherapist designing the class can ensure you get the best from the class.

NB MOBILE PHONES. Please keep mobile phones on silent to ensure you give yourself and others a chance to relax and focus.

COME in EARLY. For your own benefit please attend your first class 10 mins earlier than start time to discuss any injuries/known limitations with the physiotherapist and get settled in.