What Makes us Unique

IMG_8315 (1)I am an EXPERIENCED CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPIST with a qualification in Yoga Teacher Training and a background in engineering.

Classes will always have a limited class size for maximum individual input. I PROVIDE EVERYTHING you need in a Yoga class, mats, blocks, straps etc. just bring yourself.

There is an important BALANCE BETWEEN STRENGTH AND STRETCH moves in physiotherapy led Performance Yoga Classes. Science and experience has shown us that stretching muscles can be a waste of time if you don’t have the core strength and motor control to support the new lengthened muscle. We now know that muscles tighten for a reason, often there is a lack of strength somewhere and the tight muscle is compensating. Performance Yoga teaches us to safely stretch one area while strengthening another area at the same time. By default physical issues that cause or prolong ‘tight muscles’ are addressed. Only then will you truly give yourself the opportunity to PERFORM AT YOUR BEST, spending less time on the physiotherapist’s table or out of training!!

As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist I know the different physical requirements of all sports and the demands these requirements place on the body. Through basic movement patterns, I will be able to identify and address your individual problem areas. My SIMPLE and CLEAR approach will help you GAIN MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH and REDUCE INJURY RISK.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete or simply have an interest in improving your health and moving better, Performance Yoga will give you the edge you’re looking for. Attending Performance Yoga classes you have the assurance plus all the benefits of a professional Physiotherapist leading the way.