The Science behind Performance Yoga.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I am always on the lookout for new evidence to highlight treatment effectiveness for my patients. Alongside my clinical physio practice and yoga teaching, I am currently studying a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine in UCC, taught and developed by Dr Mick Molloy and Dr Eanna Falvey (former IRFU team doctors). During this 2 year Masters program I will be doing a research project on the health benefits of Yoga. Watch this space!!

There are three areas of health and well-being that everybody is entitled to:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness
  2. Movement efficiency
  3. Quality nutrition

The information contained on this website is focused on movement efficiency. If we can all move efficiently, consistently and with resilience it is more likely that we can achieve quality of life devoid of unacceptable pain and overuse injury. At the same time those participating in high performance sport will progress with less limitations.

Physiotherapists, Doctors, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Sports Coaches, Sports Psychologists, Managers, all have a role in helping an individual perform at their best, always working to reduce potential injury risk.

There are several well researched areas on movement and movement efficiency leading to injury prevention. Throughout my years of study and 10 years working as a Chartered Physiotherapist, the results of these studies have formed the basis of Performance Yoga.

The following studies you see here relate to Yoga specifically. These studies are only a fraction of what’s out there, as so many have inherent methodological flaws that shouldn’t allow the results to be generalised to the public.  I have chosen the studies that have better methodology than others and are most relevant to daily clinical practice.

A Yoga program to improve knee mechanics in women with osteoarthritis

Yoga for managing knee osteoarthritis in older women

Comparing Yoga, Exercise and a Self Care book for managing Chronic Back Pain

6 month trial of Yoga in healthy seniors: effects on cognition and quality of life

Yoga decreases insomnia in post menopausal women

Meditation  boosts genes that promote good health