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Exercise and Overuse injuries.

It’s summer time and the weather is perfect for putting a pair of runners on and getting out there! Excuses are out. This change of season brings about a desire to feel bright, light...

Optimise Mobility 0

Why you might not be seeing the results you expect from stretching.

This article was recently published on RTE Lifestyle. http://www.rte.ie/lifestyle/living/2016/0530/791945-why-stretching-may-not-be-working-for-you/ Why stretching may not be working for you. After almost a decade of working as a Chartered Physiotherapist with sports teams and individual athletes, I can...


Top 5 Neck Exercises for Desk Workers

I asked my clients what they really want from physio blogs. First on the request list: ‘Neck exercises would be great because so many of us are hunched over a computer screen not to...


Free Health Info Leaflets for the public

How often do you get free medical advice? The good people at the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapy have developed concise information leaflets for the public regarding a variety of common physical issues, including:...


Summer Yoga Video Week 4

Outdoors today!   Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!   https://youtu.be/0YhjGkFDnOI    


Interesting Tendon Information

If you’ve ever injured a tendon then some of this will relate to you! Tendons connect muscle to bone and can become painful.  Dysfunction occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed, weakened or ruptured. Pain...