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Optimise Mobility 0

Why you might not be seeing the results you expect from stretching.

This article was recently published on RTE Lifestyle. http://www.rte.ie/lifestyle/living/2016/0530/791945-why-stretching-may-not-be-working-for-you/ Why stretching may not be working for you. After almost a decade of working as a Chartered Physiotherapist with sports teams and individual athletes, I can...


20 min Easy Yoga Sequence

I took a little break from classes recently. Basically taking my own advice of finding balance, listening to my body etc 🙂 One of the things I felt I needed a break from was...


Summer Yoga Videos Week 8

The penultimate in the 2015 Summer Yoga series. Beginners:   Advanced: One more video next week. Classes start back on Mon 7th Sept. Contact orla@performanceyoga.ie.


What makes Performance Yoga Effective?

My goal with Performance Yoga is not to teach people to become better at ‘Yoga’, but better at how they move on a day to day basis. Teaching people to know their own bodies,...