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Breathing technique. Why it matters..

Breathing Mechanics and Body Movement. ‘Take a deep breath’ how often have you told yourself to do that? We often do it without even realising. Why? Because the body is actually quite good at...


What makes Performance Yoga Effective?

My goal with Performance Yoga is not to teach people to become better at ‘Yoga’, but better at how they move on a day to day basis. Teaching people to know their own bodies,...


Foam Rolling. To Roll or not to Roll?

A Physiotherapist’s Dos and Don’ts Foam Rolling was introduced the Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning World long ago. However, it has had huge uptake in the past 10 years as athletes are learning more...

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Sports Yoga Sequence

Yoga positions, called asana, are the basic physical part of a yoga practice. Although yoga poses are a type of exercise for your body, they are also much more. The word yoga itself is...


Fitness Freak Question and Answer Session!

Check this link out to see my latest interview with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Richie Kennedy of Fitness Freak!    


Concerned about your Spine MRI findings?

Here’s a little bit of sound advice about what the report says.   MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is the gold standard tool to assist clinicians (doctors/consultants/physios) in diagnosing the root cause of your pain....


Calf Muscle Strength.. or weakness!?

Calf pain presents at one time or another for runners and along with the dreaded ‘runner’s knee’ is common, frustrating and there are a variety of causes and treatments. Calf pain is often severe,...


Physio Triage Service

On Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am-1pm the Sports and Spinal Physios offer a free triage service. This is for our current clients only. As long as you are on our books as a current...