Saoirse Crosbie

Chef and student in culinary arts. Age23.

“As someone who spends all day working with my hands and arms having a dislocating shoulder really impacted my work. In all honesty I didn’t think the Physio would work. I thought given the length of time the problem had been occurring surgery was the only option. Having 4 sessions with Orla over 2 months have literally changed my day to day life. It has almost cured my shoulder from dislocating. With no pain and simple exercise the problem has gone away. It really worked! And thankfully has really helped change my day to day life and eliminated all my pain!”

Recurrent shoulder dislocation, 4 years of left shoulder popping out frequently – almost every day with pain levels at 8/10 each time. Can pop her own shoulder out and back in!! Surgeon recommended surgery.

Identification of weak shoulder muscles. Evidence based physiotherapy and Yoga based prescribed exercise program to help strengthen weak shoulder muscles with goal of preventing dislocation and avoidance of unnecessary surgery.

No surgery required. Muscles strengthened, shoulder has stopped popping out frequently and can get back to daily tasks without fear.