Michael Sweeney

Micheal Sweeney (2)Michael Sweeney – Age 35

“I contacted Orla for some Physio help due to previous injuries in my left knee. I had an ACL reconstruction, medial damage and a few meniscus tears in my cartilage in the past few years due to football injuries and was due to do the Great North Run half marathon in Newcastle in 2012 for charity. Due to my knee history I hadn’t done any distance running for years however Orla helped me in building my knee muscles up through focused strength training and conditioning specific to my knee issues to get me back running.

Alongside this Orla designed a training plan for me to build up to the half marathon distance in my running which included the use of ice baths to aid recuperation!! The run was tough but I did manage it, however this was mainly due to Orla’s help and expertise.

Since then I have maintained a bit of running and even managed to play a football tournament in 2013 which given I had to give up playing around 10 years ago was great! Orla is a great physio who really helps push you on to achieve what you want to do sport wise or just getting back to decent levels of fitness.”