Mairead Mulligan

High level Runner PB marathon 3 45, half marathon 1 39, 10k 43 40, 5k 20 45.

“thanks for your personal and professional approach to my case and also your experience being an active person like myself. Overall my conclusion is that I am now aware of the 2 systems: cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems in operation and no point in doing miles for sake of it as (tendons) can’t cope with the load. I’ve joined a gym now so I’m committed to my rehab but yes hamstrings are still weak but my times are excellent and everyone is noticing it so I can’t stop now.”

Main issue, lower buttock/upper hamstring pain when sprinting during intervals = tendon overload. Pain limited breaking PBs.

Combination of running re-education regarding technique, dry needling for tight muscles, advise re training plans and introduction of weight training (loading) and yoga exercises into weekly program.

Reducing pain levels, continued home exercise program with slightly modified training program to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Times are improving.

Mairead Mulligan Age 37