Batt Moriarty

Batt Moriarty. Age 34.

Senior Footballer: Kerry and Dr Crokes Senior Level.
“I would like to say that out of all the physio’s I have attended (which is a lot) you were definitely the best and most professional I have used. Because of you my rehabilitation was quicker & problem free and I would highly recommend your services to anyone that wants the most effective rehabilitation after suffering an injury or recovering from surgery.”

Long term hip and groin issues, multiple physio sessions and maintenance work.

Consultant review and finally total hip replacement Oct 2012. Intensive rehabilitation exercises including physiotherapy to regain range of hip motion, TRX bodyweight suspension and therapeutic yoga exercises, specific gluteal muscle strengthening and overall strength and conditioning.

Painfree, full range of hip motion. Cycling with work daily 5-7hours with nil adverse effects on hip. Returned to normal quality of life.