Orla Crosse Chartered Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor MISCP

My name is Orla Crosse, and I am the Physiotherapist behind Performance Yoga. I am registered with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Orla Crosse MISCP

I am a practicing Chartered Physiotherapist. I enjoy helping people treat a range of injuries, pre and post operative physio, and have a special interest in women’s health. The Performance Yoga classes I teach are a blend of traditional yoga practice and current evidence based physiotherapy, essentially many years of study and practice!

In addition to my Physiotherapy (2006) and Yoga Teacher Training (2014) qualifications I graduated with a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from UCC (2017). Loved every minute and I hope to bring you many nuggets of useful info as I continue to learn and apply a sound medical background to my classes and physiotherapy sessions.

I am one of a few Chartered Physiotherapists registered with the Irish Sports Council to treat Ireland’s Elite and High Performance Athletes. I gained valuable Sports Physiotherapy experience while working in the UK, Australia, and Ireland’s reputable Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. In SSC I worked alongside many of Ireland’s well known Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine consultants developing and providing expert rehabilitation programs to recover from injury and return to activity.

I set up this website in 2014 to provide useful information to those interested in movement efficiency and injury prevention via blogs and videos. Now most of my time is spent in the Physio clinic and teaching weekly yoga classes. When I’m not at work, my 1 year old girl makes sure I don’t spend too much time at my desk anymore.

I have been told I have a way of simplifying movement. Classes are calm, clear and effective. Expect to be brought out of your comfort zone and to have a good time! Can’t get to a class, we have an online library of Performance Yoga videos on YouTube for you to use at home.

Orla Crosse MISCP

Chartered Physiotherapist & Yoga Instructor

MMed Sports and Exercise Medicine 

MSc Physiotherapy

Post Grad Dip Orthopaedic Medicine

BEng Chemical Engineering (I know, random!)